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Maintenance and Repair of Excavator BucketWhat is MIG welding? Gas Metal Arc Welding process (GMAW), commonly known as Metal Inert Gas process (MIG) welding, is an arc welding process that establishes an electric arc between the work piece and a consumable bare wire electrode; where the arc continuously melts the wire as it is fed into the weld puddle.

MIG welding is suitable for a variety of applications - from small body shop repairs to large fabrications - and at ARCO Welding Supply in Malden, Mass, we have serviced professional welders throughout the New England area since 1950. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as a leading MIG welding supply distributor who consistently provides exceptional customer service and offers a wide selection of quality Mig welding supplies and equipment from the industry's leading manufactures.

Not sure which MIG welding process, equipment or torch is right for your job? Consult with one of ARCO's in-house technical experts who will walk you through the selection process to determine which MIG welding supplies and equipment are appropriate for your project.

Need assistance with MIG welding equipment set-up? ARCO Welding staff can help. Whether you are a welder in a shipyard or weld in a precision metal manufacturing plant, Arco Welding offers the solutions to satisfy any Mig welding project.

Premier MIG welding equipment and MIG welding supplies offered from manufacturers such as:

Mig WeldingMiller Electric: Offers a wide selection of 1 & 3 phase welders designed to match most Mig welding applications. You can choose from a wide range of Miller Mig welding equipment including the Millermatic and Axcess series. Miller also offers a full selection of consumables, welding helmets and Arc Armor protective gear.

Lincoln Electric: Manufactures a line of professional MIG welders that offer reliable performance and superior quality welds aided by its Diamond Core Technology™ which delivers a superior arc across the entire welding range. Choose from among their numerous CV Power MIG® welders, and Invertec machines depending on your specific application needs.

Bernard MIG Guns: Offers premier MIG guns and consumables for the most demanding MIG welding applications. Available in hand-held air-cooled, HD air-cooled, and water-cooled. Also offers MIG welding supplies such as nozzles, tips and diffusers.

Tweco MIG guns: Provides a wide selection of high quality Mig welding guns and accessories from their industrial and Weldskill product lines. Gouging torches, nozzles, conductor tubes, and many other MIG supplies available.

Reap the benefits that other professional welders have come to realize with ARCO Welding.
Call 781 324 3510, toll free 800 969 9436 or email Arco Welding SupplyAs part of the Weldmark® Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (“IWDC”), we can offer our customers a diverse and extensive inventory of MIG welding equipment and MIG supply products at competitive prices. We can't possibly list all of the Mig welding equipment and supplies we carry but here are just a few of the industries leading manufactures we promote and support.
  • Dynaflux welding products
  • Steiner safety products
  • Hobart wire feed welders
  • U.S. Alloy Co. filler metal
  • United Abrasives (abrasive and cutting accessories)
Mig Welder Mig Welders Gas Metal Arc Welding Process

For more information or questions concerning you next Mig welding project please call us at 781.324.6190 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members, or email us anytime at .

Miller Lincoln Electric Weldmark Hobart Brothers
U.S. Alloy Bernard Tillman Steiner
SAIT Tweco Dynaflux  
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